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1985年、カナダ・サスカトゥーン市生まれ。 トロントのハンバー大学のジャズプログラムを卒業し、John Abercrombie、Don Thompson、Pat Labarberaに師事。Dave Douglasが率いたバンフセンターのJazz and Creative Music Workshopに2度出席する。 トロントやカナダ各地のミュージシャンとアンサンブルを組み演奏を重ねた。トロント大学の民族音楽学の博士号を取得。2019年秋より拠点を札幌に移し、自己のカルテットや他様々なバンドで活動中。

Nate was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1985. When he finished high school he moved to Canada's largest city, Toronto, to pursue a career in music. He graduated from Humber College's Jazz Program. While he studied under John Abercrombie, Don Thompson, and Pat Labarbera. He attended the Banff Centre for the Arts Jazz and Creative Music Workshop twice when it was led by Dave Douglas. He plays standards, improvises freely, and composes music for guitar and a variety of ensembles comprised of musicians from around the world. He is also doing research on connections between music, environment, and indigeneity for a PhD in ethnomusicology from the University of Toronto.

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